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Sakura Wars TV Complete Collection DVD Set (Thinpak)

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Reviews of this title:

Xythnia Star - Oct 23 2006
Rating: Pretty good!
A Cute Girl Mecha Anime
Picked this up because TRSI had it onsale. Wasn't a waste of money. Was cute, sometimes touching and a little violent, had a cohesive storyline and a decent (if not totally original) plot. I thought the character development was great and really liked all of the girls and their personalities. Would give it a B- : )

Ogie Doggie - Jan 13 2007
Rating: Pretty good!
This is just DIFFERENT from anything else - a must see
The setting is around 1920 and everything is powered by steam (not gasoline). So the Mechs run on steam, so do trains of course but a record player????

You must remember that this came out over 10 years before the Anime "Steam Boy" so this is the orginal STEAM series if you want to call it that.

This combat team of Mechs is made up of all girls of varying ages from 12 to 20 and from all different countries so their backgrounds are all different which really adds to the character development.

Oh yes, as part of their training they all perform in live on stage musicals (part of building team work concept).

Because this is so varied and different I recommend it, especially when on sale.

Gabriel Castaneda - Oct 9 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
is a good deal for $14.99
sakura wars take place in the 1920's where everything runs on steem and there are demons trying to kill all the humans. you should get it if you like mecha for $14.99 and there are 25ep that's $.60 each ep only the first dvd has extras