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Hot Gimmick Graphic Novel 2

All the girls are excited by the new student, Azusa Odagiri, who is a model for a famous magazine. What they can't figure out is why he would want to be friends with Hatsumi - or even worse, find her attractive.

Meanwhile, Hatsumi and her sister Akane are accosted by Mrs. Tachibana, followed by Ryouki, who reminds Hatsumi that if she forgets she is his slave, he will be happy to reminder her. Later, some of the girls corner Hatsumi to discourage her from pursuing him.

Ryouki orders her to his apartment and tells her she must sleep with him. Ryouki is surprised when his "slave" punches him, but he's even more shocked when the doorbell rings and a pretty woman walks in.

Story and art by Miki Aihara.


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