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Emanuelle Collection, The DVD (D) LiveAction Adult (Divine/Lady/Yellow)

Lady Emanuelle
Lady Emanuelle is unsatisfied with her marriage. In fact, every encounter she's ever had with a man hasn't gone particularly well. Fortunately for her, she finds the comfort and solace she seeks in the arms of another woman. Each of moment of sensual exploration shows Emanuelle overcome with curious lust. But while the taste and touch of a female provides a temporary reprieve, nothing seems to compare to that of a man.

Devine Emanuelle
Laura Gemser plays the leader of a Guyana-type cult, except this cult is predicated on having lots of sex with other cult members. Interspersed with the sex scenes, which range from the mildly erotic to the extremely bizarre, are weird musical/disco numbers, Gemser whipping two of her cult members for wanting to have monogamous sex with each other, a Hulk-sized bodyguard who rapes and kills to please lovely Laura, and an INSANELY CATCHY, incredibly silly theme song that won't leave your skull!

Yellow Emanuelle
After a wild night on the town, a dashing British airline pilot is attacked and beaten by thugs. When he wakes in hospital he finds himself being cared for by a beautiful doctor, Emy Wong. The two grow close and begin an affair, even though Emy has Been promised to another man through an arranged marriage. A jealous female friend of George causes the two lovers to become separated, leaving Emy all alone. Dishonored her family and friends abandon her leading her to a desperate life of prostitution. When George returns unable to live without her Emy hides her secret lifestyle in hopes they will never again be separated... though fate has other designs.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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