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Pet Shop of Horrors 2 (S)

Welcome back to the most magnificent pet shop in Chinatown.

In this wondrous follow-up to the first volume, some of the nation's most prestigious clients - actors and presidential hopefuls await entrance to the Count's sanctuary. Leon, a determined police detective, still has his doubts about the Count's integrity. Some lessons are never learned the first time around.

From the darkest depths of "Despair" do legends emerge. Robin Hendrix, is a one-hit wonder actor, with a penchant for reptiles, who could never break the mold that he was typecast into. Abandoned by the people who loved him, Robin's only solace lay with his numerous pets.

One of the Count's favored customers, Robin requests something special in the form of a new and rare little friend, and receives the nearly extinct Medusa subspecies. This exotic lizard appears as half woman, half snake, blindfolded to hold her hostile magical power in check. Her beauty is mesmerizing, but her eyes turn any living thing to stone, killing instantaneously.

Thus, Medusa must remain in darkness, dependent on her protector to lead her. Robin and Medusa chose each other, and she will follow him in love, life, and death.

The holy beast known as the Kirin, referred to as the legendary king of all animals, has the power to make a sovereign of his or her master. Male or female, the Kirin assumes a childlike form, hiding the innate power that men have coveted throughout the centuries.

One of the most closely guarded secrets, the Kirin will choose her master carefully, grant one wish, and bestow the heavy yoke of realized ambition. In "Dual", two men are brought together to wield this awesome force, and only one will survive.

  • Format - English Subtitles

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