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Dirty Pair TV Series DVD Collection 2 (S)

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J Green - Jan 29 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Go Diryt Pair!!
This the last of a 2 box set containing the originial DP tv series including eps. 25 & 26 which were released as ovas. RS said they used remastered R2 dvds as the source for these discs-I own the R2 dvds and the video looks to be identical video and audio wise, this is the best the DP will ever look. This is my favorite anime series from last century; Kei and Yuri have comradery, you can tell they really care for each other and are best friends. The episodes-except for a 2 parter-are stand alone and are pretty straight foreword plot wise. I really enjoyed this series the 1st time I saw it on ratty fansubs years ago. Highly recommended.