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Moribito DVD Premium Box Set (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Robbie E. Lusk - May 18 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
An anime classic
"Seirei no Moribito" or "Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit" is about a traveling warrior and bodyguard named Balsa, "The Spear Woman of Kanbal". As Balsa is traveling the land, in part to fulfill a vow she made long ago, she comes across a prince of an Imperial Family. His name is Chagum, and Balsa is witness to a supposed accident that nearly claims the young princes' life. After saving the prince, Balsa is invited to the Imperial Palace where the second empress pleads with Balsa to take her young son away and become his bodyguard, as she fears his life may very well be near it's end. Chagums' father, the Imperial Emperor, believes his son the prince is possessed by an evil spirit and must be offered up as a sacrifice so that his Kingdom will not experience a deadly drought. Although most of the Imperial court is reluctant to go through with this, they see no other way to save their homeland.

After firstly declining her request, Balsa accepts the task. Balsa also has good reason to save this young boy, as she has vowed to save the lives of eight people in order to attone for a "sin" that lays heavy in her heart. Balsa and Chagum flee from the palace, with some help from the second empress, and our story starts to unravel. If Balsa succeeds in saving Chagum, this would be the eighth and final life she has saved.

Great opening, yeah? That's just the first episode. There is so much to love about Moribito, I could write all day about it. The animation production by I.G. is amazing. The english dub is also surprisingly good. And Balsa has to be one of the most powerful and courageous female leads anime has given us. Alot of you will no doubt have seen or heard about this fantastic anime, as it aired on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim in 2008 and 2009. But whatever the case it's a classic that all otaku need to have in their collection.

So, if you love a fantasy that's not so "cookie cutter", but is something high above the rest of the genre, then Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit is waiting. Highly Recommended!