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Votoms, Armored Trooper Stage 1: Uoodo City DVD (S)

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Sam a. animefan. - Feb 21 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Good OLD Anime
If you like older mecha anime, this is a great mecha series. This was created by Yoshiyuki Tomino's in studio (Sunrise) rival Ryousuke Takahashi. It was broken down into 4 parts in case the series was to be cancled it could at least finish partly completed (i.e. at the end of one of the 4 parts). Japan was notorious for cancelling shows that weren't even failing, on a whim. The story revolves around the concept of a "perfect soldier", much like a newtype. The perfect soldier was genetically engineered to help bring an end to a century old war. Anyways, this series is worth checking in to. I hope you like it.