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El Hazard

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El Hazard OVA Series DVD 2 (Hyb)

The legendary Demon God, Ifurita, has awakened. Serving her new master Jinnai, she begins a campaign of devastation throughout the land of El-Hazard. Now, despite their numbers, the priestesses are hard pressed to match the power of the furious Demon God. As Makoto springs towards her, a mysterious phenomena occurs... A last-ditch battle upon which the land of El-Hazard is staked is about to begin!

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El Hazard Playing Cards

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El Hazard: Alternative World DVD 2 (Hyb): Spring of Life

Romance is in the air for Miz and Rune! Unlike the ruler of Creteria, Dall Narciss, whose infatuation is ignored by the naive Water Priestess, Qawoor. Even Fatora thinks she's in love. But what kind of relationship could she have with Gilda, the head of Creteria's militia?

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El Hazard: The Wanderers DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

Makoto always upstages Jinnai without trying, which only aggravates the delusional rivalry that Jinnai has concocted within his own mind. However, when Jinnai attempts to sabotage Makoto's newest invention, the machine creates a dimensional rift and throws Makoto, Jinnai, and several others from their school into a strange, new world that is filled with amazing creatures, beautiful sights, and dangerous enemies. If they ever want to get home, it's going to take wits, courage, and a lot of luck!

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