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Aluria Chronicles, The Graphic Novel

Gin is falsely accused of murder and gets sacrificed to a demon! However, when the demon realizes his innocence, he takes pity on him and flies Gin to Aluria, a land of mystical creatures. There Gin is seduced and horribly betrayed by a cruel vampire named Kakale. And as if things weren't bad enough, Kakale casts a spell so that Gin looks like Kakale and Kakale looks like Gin. This is very bad for Gin, considering Kakale is a wanted criminal!

Gin goes on a mission to find Kakale to get the spell reversed. He runs into Kakale's sexy vampire boyfriend, Rakioul, who mistakes Gin for Kakale. Now Gin must pretend to be an evil vampire to trick Rakioul into leading him to the real Kakale. Of course, when you're pretending to be someone's lover, there are certain duties involved...

Story and art by Calissa Leigh and Yishan Li.


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