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UltraViolet: Code 044 DVD-R Complete Series (D)

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Reviews of this title:

Vincent Bergeron - Dec 6 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Great visual delicacy by Osamu Desaki and Akio Sugino
UltraViolet: Code 044 is one of the last project of the lengendary masterful duo of late director Osamu Dezaki and animation director/character designer Akio Sugino. Their classical signature is still present in this anime witch offer us a great visual delicacy in dark done, light play and still frame portrait but it doesn't convey as much as dramatic impact as let just say Brother Dear Brother, Black Jack or Rose of Versaille. Still very recommended but the decision of only include a dub in 2012 is pretty questionnable. The last case of dub only anime I could think of is Kurokami Bandai's Blu Ray a while ago witch was pretty unexplained. No matter who good the english dub certainly will be, an I know Sony have I standard in that issue, not offering the original japanese dub with english subtitle is almost an anachoronism. We're not in the early 90's VHS Area where Manga and Streamlines offer us Dub only release due to physical support limitation. Still I'll by it because Osamu Dezaki is my favorite director but I hope they'll be release a hybrid version soon.

Mark J. Lucas - Jan 30 2013
Rating: This sucked!
Buyer Beware
Sony is releasing some titles such as this in the form of MOD (Movie On Demand) on Dual Layer DVD-R discs. I purchased UltraViolet Code 044 and was unable to get the discs to play on neither a PC Dual Layer DVD-ROM drive or a standalone DVD player. I also took the discs to friends houses and tried it on their equipment without any success. I think it's great that Sony is making hard to find dubbed titles available but , putting them on recordable DVDs let's get real Sony (Your Rich!!) you can afford to press a real DVD in a small run. Customer service promised me a refund. We'll see if they make good but , I still lost shipping charges. I paid $6.00 to see the Sony Home Entertainment logo and the main menu. It won't play any further. So , like I said buyer beware.