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Night Raid 1931 DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Mike Dixon - Aug 16 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Really Nice Work
It's nice to find a title worth a wholehearted recommendation. NIGHT RAID is well drawn, for the most part very well scripted and has a good grasp of the time and place. Look for the little things like the pistols (Japanese Nambu), clothes and the cars (right for the period). The airplanes were a little funky but who cares? Night Raid is worth the price of admission for the historical content alone. Nice work; I hope to see more from these folks.

Courtney A. Steiner - Dec 6 2012
Rating: Not all that good.
Ok, so i bought this series because it looked really interesting and the art looked beautiful! Well i can wholehearted say that the animation/art is very beautiful, but the story was bad. If your looking for a history lesson then this is the anime for you, but other than that the plot was chopping, and i had no idea what characters or story i was following while i watched this. I feel like this anime had a lot of potential, and the ball was dropped because you never really learn anything about the characters or the story (outside of the history setting). Wish i could say something better, but i feel like i wasted my money....