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Ranma 1/2 Graphic Novel 18 - 2nd Ed (Small Format)

Ryoga has been in Hokkaido training for his next encounter with Ranma and this time he's learned a technique that blows the competition away - literally! It's called the Shishi Hokodan, or "Lion Roar Shot," and it allows one to emit a ball of destructive ki from their hands, but only if the user has a heart full of sorrow and regret. Can Ranma dig himself into a pit of despair deeper than Ryoga to master this new technique, or will he taste defeat for the first time?

Then, Shampoo's been cursed by a lonely cat ghost to stay a feline forever! The only way to break the spell is to receive a kiss from her beloved before New Year's, but one thing stands in Ranma's way - a horde of cats!

Story and art by Rumiko Takahashi.


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