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Samurai: An Illustrated History (Mitsuo Kure)

The samurai fought for property, lands, and money - and sometimes even for honor. The violent, tumultuous, and surprisingly elegant world of the medieval Japanese samurai is brought vividly to life in Samurai: An Illustrated History.

The long bloody era of the samurai - when songs killed their fathers, brothers attacked their brothers, wives betrayed their husbands and hosts their guests, and the forces of the samurai rulers destroyed those of the emperors and the monasteries - is depicted her in illustrations, in photos from the weapons collections of major museums, and in photos of meticulous reenactments of famous battles.

Dr. Mitsuo Kure vividly details the origins of the samurai and their rise to power, presents a chronological history of the main battles, personnel, and general themes, and makes a thorough study of samurai armor and weaponry, fortifications, and the changes in strategy and armor upon the introduction of firearms and cannon.

Written by Mitsuo Kure.


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