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Perfect Gift DVD (D) LiveAction

What if the world forgot that Christmas had anything to do with Jesus Christ? That's the dilemma facing Stacy, an overworked single mom whose spoiled daughter, Maxine, hates having a birthday that falls on December 25th. Maxine is tired of sharing her special day with the rest of the world, and she refuses to acknowledge the true significance of the holiday. But all that changes when Maxine is forced to start spending her afternoons at the local church.

It's there she meets Jess, a mysterious drifter who's helping construct a nativity scene for the holidays. Jess knows everything there is to know about the true meaning of Christmas, and if Maxine pays attention, she might learn an important lesson about faith, tradition, and the real reason for the season.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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