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Reviews of this title:

M. E. Hammond - Aug 13 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Fun, cool, sexy show
I've been waiting for this one for awhile because it has an excellent Japanese cast, but ADV did a very good job with the English version. My biggest worry was Akabane would end up with more of a thug voice than Nobuo Tobita's purr, but Shannon McCormick manages the purr & just might sound sexier, to boot. For extras, we get clean opening & closing(& this title has several good theme songs), interviews with some of the English cast, & 2 actor commentaries(eps 1 & 5). The powers of the characters are interesting & the stories keep the viewer's attention with a mix of action & humor. Ginji, in particular, turns into a chibi in just about every episode. The animation is good & this show is filled with cool pretty boys & rippling with sexual undercurrents like Saiyuki. I'll have to watch this one several times waiting for the next release.

David Ori - Feb 2 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
A great show well worth buying
The first time that I heard about this show was about a year and a half ago. I heard it from a friend, whom had downloaded the whole show before it had ever come out. All that he had told me was that it was really good, and left me with that. So when I first saw it on the shelves in the store I did'nt buy it. In fact I only bought it a few weeks ago, and its been there for months! I'm really glad that I did buy it. This show combines action, silleness, and sadness all in one package. Both main characters are extermly complex, and their supporting cast is great. The grapics for this series are well above avergage. Even the American voice acting is'nt that bad, especially since ADV films did the casting. This is one show that no anime fan should miss.