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Vandread DVD 1 (Hyb): Enemy Engaged

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Reviews of this title:

David W. McHugh - Jan 23 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
If you liked Nadesico, you'll love Vandread
I think the first DVD of Vandread was great just like the rest of the series when I saw it fansubbed. I personally own probably a grand worth of anime and have seen 20 times that. I admit to being an anime freak, but I think Vandread would have to be in my top 5 best anime watched ever. I loved Nadesico, and Vandread has a resemblance to the genre of Nadesico. The whole male vs. female conflict is great. The military might of the male contrasts with the strategy employed by the female pirates. It's a must buy.

Steve Y. Beak - Feb 6 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
It was interesting
Vandread was very interesting. I liked the way they presented the war of the sexes. The mecha were very cool . I cant wait to collect them all. Next to gundam and some other high powered meca anime. I would say that Vandread is one of my favorites. I really liked how the character Dita kept on bugging the Hibiki character.

Morgan Tulang - Feb 18 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
An updated and refreshing view on the War of the Sexes. Anime has visited the "single sex" civilization concept before. The Macross movie "Do You Remember Love" and the first of the "Gal Force" series are prime examples. I have never seen such a comic take on it. Male and Female civilizations have no contact with each other except for war. All the standard anime sparring between the sexes is completely alien to the characters of VANDREAD. The type of hentai behavior that would produce sub-space supermallets in a instant on another show takes on new comic meaning because neither sex understands that it IS hentai. It gives the relationships between the characters added meaning because they are in effect creating the male-female dynamic from scratch. The only character who has an idea of normal male-female realtions is the Navi robot Pyoro.

CG graphics and animation are very well done. Easy on par with what you find in Blue Submarine No. 6. Overall - well worth your hard earned money. I hope Pioneer licences the second season as well.

James Smith - Aug 1 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
Very enjoyable!
I bought the first DVD and wasn't sure what to expect. It grabbed my attention and I'm hooked. Now, I'm just waiting for Second Stage to come out. The comedy is great, and the whole first series was anything but disappointing. Very good, I'll leave it at that.

Max P. Sterling - Jan 5 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
If you loved Nadesico you will love Vandread. That is what some one else said and it is true. To tell the truth when I went to the store I had not seen Vandread in a long time when i bought Nadesico i thought it was Vandread. But i had already seen Nadesico and knew i liked it so I kept it. both are GREAT SHOWS. a little alike but funny as hell. You need to buy these NOW I TELL YOU NOW.. what you don't like it.... I DONT CARE. GET OUT THERE NOW AND BUY THEM. lol just kidding but really i am not lying. Both are great I love them both. Just ordered the 1@2 series set DVD. I can wait to see it again 8) laters