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Blue Exorcist T-Shirt: Rin, Yukio and Ryuji - M

Retail Price: $16.99
Your Price: $10.79
Casshan Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)

When lightning strikes the prototype android BK-1, a new horror is unleashed on the world. The resulting monster, Buraiking, begins taking over all other robots on Earth, setting them against their creators in a massive orgy of planet-wide destruction! With humanity helpless in the face of the new Neoroiders and their mechanical armies, mankind's only hope may lie in the hands of Tetsuya Azuma, son of the creator of BK-1, who transfers his consciousness into an android body to become a Neoroider himself... the ultimate robot fighter: Casshan!

Retail Price: $59.98
Your Price: $36.97
Little Busters! Blu-ray Collection 2 (Hyb)

As if receiving enigmatic messages delivered by the cats wasn't odd enough, Riki Naoe's world continues to grow even stranger. Following the shocking twin revelations of Midori's missing shadow and the fact that he's the only one who seems to remember Mio, he's determined to learn the nature of the connection between them.

Retail Price: $69.98
Your Price: $42.46
MazinKaiser SKL DVD (Hyb)

Above Japan waits Remuria, a colossal floating island leftover from the last world war. It's a lawless wasteland of robot super-weapons from a forgotten age of military might. Receiving word that the unstable island's reactors might explode and vaporize Japan at any time, the Japanese government awakens the most destructive force ever devised: MazinKaiser!

Retail Price: $19.98
Your Price: $12.14
Street Fighter II: The Manga Graphic Novel 3

Months after the World Warrior tournament, Chun-Li is once again drawn in to a web of intrigue involving Shadaloo. The search for answers will bring her back in to conflict with the toughest warriors in the world and reveal the secrets of Ghost Dream Island, a place where a fighter's worst enemy... is themselves.

Retail Price: $12.95
Your Price: $7.88
Sword Art Online Figure: Suguha Kirigaya (1/8 PVC)

Retail Price: $102.99
Your Price: $83.91

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