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Sekirei DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb)

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Inu Yasha Trading Card Game: Inu Yasha Booster Pack
Tayler Humphrey - May 20 2015
Rating: "Okay."
Till I rifled through the bargain bin I did not know these existed. I am a serious Inuyasha fan so naturally I had to purchase this if just for laughs. The packaging is shiny, standard trading card packaging. The cards themselves are unique in description, with power ups for different characters and attack abilities. The are not as well made as say a Pokémon or Yugioh card, they feel very cheap and flimsy. A collectors item for sure. Wish I would've known about these earlier in my collecting career.
I Luv Halloween Graphic Novel 1
Tayler ~Taybears Humphrey - May 21 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
A Macrabe Wonderland
In a town where the children are far from innocent and all adults are incompetent; Trick or Treat takes on a whole new meaning. Prepare to witness a few moral lines being crossed with just enough wit to keep it fresh.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion- DVD/Blu-ray (Hyb) Limited + CD
Norbert Haponik - May 24 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Just A Few Notes....
If you liked the TV series then you don't want to miss this movie. But there are plenty of places on the web/print media that can tell you more and in a more interesting manner than I ever can, so I just want to leave a few words about the actual product.

As usual you get a deluxe package from Aniplex, but slightly different. The box case is more like plastic and has all this glitter that doesn't come out in the photos provided... very funky indeed.

The box set comes packaged in a higher grade thick plastic wrap than usual, and it can be taken off without breaking it since its folded and held at the back by a piece of sticky tape. If you are one who doesn't care for it then rip it apart any way you like, however if you wanna keep it as pristine as you can then don't undo the sticky tape since its a bit of a bastard and will ruin the plastic wrapping when you try to undo it. I recommend you use a hobby knife and cut the tape under the fold. You'll know what I mean when you see it. Another option is to cut a slip along the side where the discs come out.

The set comes with a very nice booklet. However, don't read the introduction before watching the movie as it spoils the first 40 minutes. There are only a few pages of art gallery, and the rest of the booklet contains these arty/poetic descriptions of characters in the nightmare/witches world.

The on-disc extras as usual are pretty poor. You get the usual textless credits and trailers; there are nine 12 trailers in total however there are only basically 2 different ones. You get nine versions of one and three of the other. The only interesting extra is the Collaboration Manner Videos (Monogatari Series x Madoka)...... Now what the hell is that you may ask? Well, it's five mini cartoons lasting around 2 minutes each which have 'cartoony' characters from the Monogatari series telling the audience what not to do (smoking, talking etc) during the presentation of the film. These were obviously show at the theatre before the movie started and are amusing. That's all I'm afraid.

So, is this set to you worth the high price? Only you can answer that question and no one else.

And one more thing....... Despite the film having an ending, it's not an 'ending' ending as it's quite clear that there are more sequels to come.
I Luv Halloween Graphic Novel 3
Tayler~Taybears Humphrey - May 24 2015
Rating: Pretty good!
Extremely crass (those who liked Ghost Stories would enjoy this), horrific in a Goosebumps for teenagers way, and surprisingly hilarious. Reads like a regular comic book (left to right). Each book is separate story by itself.