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Maid Sama! DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Kory E. Davis - Jan 31 2013
Rating: Pretty good!
A good highschool romance/comedy
This show really surprised me. I didn't really expect it to be a good romance, but it pulls through and really surprised me. The characters are likable enough, Misaki is the Highschool's student council president and is kind of a tsundere, while Usui is a pretty chill dude that can pull off anything. The art is something I would like to vouch for, because J.C. Staff did a terrific job on it. All in all, don't let the title mislead you, the show has a pretty good plot and is a great romance story.

James Scott - Apr 2 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Amazing Anime, Dissapointing Case
This is by far one of my favorite Shoujo animes/mangas. The plot is amazing but the characters are even better! The only disappointment I had was with the case. It is one of those Economy Sets that stack the individual discs in envelopes on top of each other. Other than that this is one of my favorites and a MUST READ manga to see what happens next!

P.S. The anime follows the manga spot on.