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Special A (S.A) DVD Collection 1 (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Jenny G. - Feb 8 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
A romance with outrageous comedy
Special A Class is a romantic comedy with a flair for the overdramatic. You know where the characters can leap tall buildings, run up cliffs, fight for long periods and not get hurt. But for this show it works, yeah some of the comedy gets a little old but overall it is still enjoyable. This one reminded me of Ouran High school Host club just not as good. The characters are enjoyable, but one is pretty dense (Here is looking at you Hikari). The plot fits the show it over the top one minute and sappy romance the next. The music is just ok not the best around. Remember this one only comes in English sub there is no dub. But the sub is done very well and had me laughing more then once. So pick this up if you want a romantic comedy with some pretty good characters. I mean who doesn’t want a romantic comedy where the female lead can kick butt!