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Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden DVD Full Metal Maid Collection (Hyb) (Seasons 1-2)

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Reviews of this title:

Michael M - Feb 5 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Funny and action and not for kids :p
The set is a super bargain since you get BOTH seasons plus the SUMMER SPECIAL (which I notice the description doesn't mention). Granted the summer special is one big filler episode, but hey it's more Mahoro!

Animation quality: Fair. The frame rate is average and sometimes character or background details are a bit sketchy. If the animation was say, Full Metal Panic quality, I'd bump the overall rating up to Wonderful!

Audio: Good. Excellent opening song in the first season. I enjoyed it so much I bought the soundtrack. Which if it is still available I strongly recommend. Come on, who doesn't want Mahoro on your answering machine? Cannot comment on the English dub as I watch them in Japanese.

Story (no spoilers): Typical magic (in this case super-powered android warrior) turns housemaid girl enters orphaned schoolboy's life. Now there are the usual filler episodes (go to the beach, let's have a party, etc...) yet I liked every single episode.

Now there are several scenes and themes that may be awkward if you're with kids so I'd definitely be mindful of the age rating. Then again it's nothing any kid hasn't heard about by the time they are a teenager anyway. Use your own discretion.

One warning there is major angst in the storyline, especially towards the end. Not on the level of say My-HIME, but pretty close.

Only downside to this set: This case is a spindle (all stacked together).

Well worth it. A hidden gem among anime for me.