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Evangelion, Neon Genesis DVD 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Review Man - Feb 6 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
Evangelion and DVD how could you go wrong
Well just incase theres anybody who hasen't seen this series buy it now. This is the only way they could make this series any better by putting it on DVD. Also finally manga is comming out with the movies finally we get digital copies of the series and the movies it's about time.

Jack Cowley - Feb 19 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
"Simply Stunning!"
If you are the proud owner of many anime DVDs, then be certain to add this to you collection! This is one of the best, most controversial animes ever made. Combining brilliant animation, Mecha Action, Drama and excellent twists in the plot. All togeather, this is brilliant! A must but to ANY owner of a DVD! Buy it and see why its so popular!

NOTE: Currently, U.K owners will have to wait a while till released in the U.K, but, you can purchase them from America since they have no region coding on them and will work on any DVD!

Gugg Imusprime - Mar 24 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
Truly a thesis of a cruel angel . . .
Metaphorical, Biblical, Psychological and Amazing . . .

Mike - Jun 2 2000
Rating: This sucked!
The Worst Anime DVD I have ever seen.
For all the people who have reviewed this DVD before it even came out, I laugh at you. EVA is one of the best anime in history, but that still doesn't help this horrible DVD. The video quality was bad and was nothing close to the crisp pictures DVDs are supposed to have. The video had color bleedings and changes, along bad subtitles that were at imes hard to read. The audio wasn't that much better either. There were times where you could hear buzzing noises and other sound glitches. The menu and extras weren't that great either. I can't believe that after six months of delays ADV still couldn't come out with a good. This DVD should be redone. I sure hope ADV doesn't do this bad on the other volumes of Evangelion or any other anime they put on DVD.

Mike Wells - Jun 6 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
One work "AWSOME"
I have been waiting for a long time for this dvd to come out and it is everything I want it to be. Well done.

David Olsen - Jul 17 2000
Rating: Pretty good!
Great Series, Shameful DVD
I am new to the NGE series, and so far I love it. Great plot, great characters, a very good series so far. BUT the major flaw was in the dvd. First: There were hardly any extras at all. Previews and Character Bios. that's about it. Second: As great as it is to have it in four different languages, I found a glitch when switching between Japanese and English Subtitles on and back to English. You literally have to stop the disc completely to switch it back to English AND turn off the english dub. Third: There was minor buzz and chirping sound glitches, but I've had this on a lot of different Anime(Project: A-ko 2 is one), so I can't really complain about that too much.

But I got it for $17.99, and I consider it a wonderful addition to the collection of anime already piling up in my room.

mythrus - Aug 6 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
Among the best ever.
I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD before starting my collection. My only complaint is they are not coming out fast enough. Those complaining about the quality, BAH! HUMBUG! The Quality is good, especially since I upgraded my DVD software. I don't know how it plays on stand alone players, as I am using WINDVD 2000.

Mike Smith - Dec 7 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
Neon Genesis: Evangelion on DVD!
Anime DVD's are the way to go! I have the first seven volumes of this series on VHS, but recently I bought a "Playstation 2" (lucky me), so I can now purchase anime DVD's. I've always been the type of person who HAS to have the subtitled version of an anime film, or I didn't want it at all. With MOST DVD's, you get BOTH the English dialogue AND Japanese dialogue versions with optional English subtitles. With "Neon Genesis: Evangelion", you also get French and Spanish dialogue options (for those of you who speak those languages).

The English voice-acting is actually pretty good compared to OTHER anime films that I have heard dubbed.

There have been a few minor graphic changes from the original subtitled VHS series. For example, many of the street signs (as well as other major signs) NOW display English text instead of thier original Japanese text. This may be to reduce the use of subtitling. I like this, but I DON'T like this at the same time.

Overall, an EXCELLENT SERIES in a new format! If you've been thinking about getting "Neon Genesis: Evangelion" and currently own a DVD Player, this is one to buy!

j - Jan 11 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
This anime title is wonderful, this the movie which actually got me started on liking Anime. This is the type of movie that you can keep watching over and over again. Great Replay value.

Dvon44 - Jan 18 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the Greatest Anime Ever, on DVD
I read all of those bad reviews about this disc, and I got weary of buying it. But I wound up getting it anyway, and I have to say, don't listen to them. The sound is awesome (I haven't heard any noises, guys), and while the video could be better, I can live with it. What I want to know is, why aren't there any Japanese opening and closing credits (I mean the original, untranslated credits) in the Japanese version? The same could be said for the French and Spanish versions. Oh well.

Shingetta - Jun 5 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
Evangelion has many kinds of things like: Cool character desing, Good animation, Drama, Action, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-fiction, War, Comedy, Love, Musical and more but what I really admire is the voice acting that is very amazing, for me the French track and Spanish track were the ones who ate the whole serie.

What I really didn't liked were two things: 1-The character's attitudes because in the middle of the serie they were changing from funny to depress, spoiled to nice, thug to normal and more changes. 2-I HATE Rei Ayanami, maybe she is cute but the character sucks (Rei is the worse character that I had ever seen in my life). Is not because she don't use to talk much, is because she wasn't expressing fellings but later yes and then BUM!! she came back from the nowhere saying that she is some kind of clone and she doesn't remember anything.UGH!!!


Stephen Gene Ori - Oct 13 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the Best Animes ever!!!
This Evangelion DVD is one of the best animes ever put onto a disk! With stunning visuals and a great audio track, I couldnt keep my hands off of it. I personally liked the previews and the bios and I really hope that they keep the Spanish and French tracks, I could not understand anything that they were saying without subtitles but the voice acting was wonderful all the same. This is one of the few animes Ive seen were I liked the dub track better than the sub but the english actors put so much passion into the voices its almost as if it wasnt just voice acting! The menus were good but the sound track volume kept going up and down to the point were you cant even hear them and then your waking up your neighbors, especially in episode 2. Overall I give this DVD a 5 out of 5 stars and I hope that the quality keeps going into ADV DVDs!!!

Ot A. Ku - Dec 25 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
The Neon Genesis Evangelion series is the most wow-tastic TV show to ever be thought of. Absolutely fantastic visuals and the audio track is almost perfectly in sync with the lips. I personally like the 12! previews but the charactor bios are just plain boring and they don't even include all the charactors in the disk. Having the Spanish and French tracks added is astounding and I never would have thought of it. I could not tell for sure but I believe that the foreign voice actors were superb. Unusually, I like the dub track rather than the sub track which is actually quite rare for me but Tristan McAvery is one of the best voice actors I have ever seen in an anime. The menus were overall ordinary and the only real dissapointment to me was the little glitch in the communications menu and the wandering audio volume. In episode 2 when Shinji was in bed remembering the battle with Sachiel I had to crank up the volume to hear what he was saying and then when the flashback of the battle started the sound woke up my mom! Overall I think this is a wonderful story and I hope that ADV keeps it up.

Ryan Scott - Sep 4 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
I don't think there's much more I can say to describe this series but YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!