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X TV Series Complete Series DVD (Hyb) - Anime Classics


Kamui stands alone at the crossroads between salvation and Armageddon. Destiny demands that this tormented young man decide the fate of a world he no longer belongs in. Torn between rival orders of superhuman warriors, the time has come for Kamui to choose his side. Either he fights with the Dragons of Heaven - fights to save civilization and the two friends he swore to always protect, or he must draw swords alongside the Dragons of Earth and deliver a death blow to the human race. Whatever his choice, there will be consequences. Friends will change. Friends will die. Life will never be the same. There's a last time for everything. That time is now.

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xxxHOLiC Graphic Novel Omnibus 6


Yuko is gone and only remembered by a small few. Because of her disappearance, Watanuki takes it upon himself to run Yuko's wish-granting shop and vows to never leave it. Still inexperienced, he dedicates himself to helping everyone that stops by his shop - including the one that ate his right eye. Watanuki also must take special care not to get himself punished for assigning the wrong price for granting a wish. How long will he allow himself to perform Yuko's work? Will she ever return?

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xxxHOLiC Graphic Novel Omnibus 7

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