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Love Hina

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Love Hina CD Soundtrack: Hinata Girls Song Collection

Love Hina DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - Anime Classics

Attempting to fulfill a promise to his childhood sweetheart, Keitaro Urashima is determined to enter Tokyo University. After being rejected twice, he decides to leave home and stay at his grandmother's apartment complex to study. But when he arrives, his grandmother is gone and he finds himself under attack by the all-female residents. Can he concentrate on his studies when he discovers that one of his tenants might be his long-lost sweetheart?

Love Hina Graphic Novel 1

When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he's officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata Lodge and has agreed to take Keitaro in as caretaker. What he doesn't know is that the lodge is actually a girl's dorm and he's the only guy around!

Love Hina Graphic Novel 10

Naru and Keitaro take their first steps in the high-tension game of love when a power outage puts Hinata House in the dark. As old memories come to light, Naru realizes that she may be the girl from Keitaro's past after all. However, Keitaro must choose between his blossoming relationship with Naru and his desire study abroad with Seta.

Love Hina Graphic Novel 11

Having passed his exams, Keitaro is off to America to study abroad. Months go by, and then a young girl arrives at Hinata house. Her name is Kanako, and not only is she a master of disguise, but she claims to be Keitaro's younger sister and the new manager of Hinata, to boot!

Love Hina Graphic Novel 12

Keitaro's triumphant return isn't going smoothly, and Kanako's devious impersonations of Naru hardly help matters. Hinata House isn't the only thing that's changed over the months, as Keitaro seems like a new man, and theories about a blonde-haired American girl named 'Julie' abound.

Love Hina Graphic Novel 2

Keitaro Urashima's dream is to attend Tokyo University with his childhood sweetheart, a girl he hasn't seen in years. But when he fails the entrance exams, he's in danger of losing his chance for good...

Love Hina Graphic Novel 3

The good news is, Naru can no longer pick on Keitaro for having flunked the college entrance exams three times in a row. The bad news is, she flunked it too! Now Naru just wants to get away from it all and relax by herself in beautiful Kyoto. As fate (or bad luck) would have it, that's the exact same place that Keitaro decides to vacation at!

Love Hina Graphic Novel 4

The Hinata house is about to get some new tenants. Naru's old tutor and secret crush, Seita Noriyasu, stops by with his adopted daughter Sarah, a spunky 7-year-old American. With Naru's affections drifting to the charismatic older Seita, Keitaro is in danger of losing his one true love!

Love Hina Graphic Novel 5

The whole gang from Hinata House takes a trip to the beach for a summer of fun in the sun. For many, a seaside vacation is the perfect place to find romance, but perennial loser Keitaro is still feeling his dream girl Naru's scorn. If he doesn't find a way to win back her affections soon, he may lose her for good to his romantic rival, Seta-san.

Love Hina Graphic Novel 6

At the age of 5, Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart promised to meet again as students at Japans most prestigious University. Now 20, he can't pass the exam? or even remember the girl's name! A fluke job at an all girls dormitory may be his last chance.

Love Hina Graphic Novel 7

Keitaro's secret past comes to light - the girl of his distant memories is Mutsumi, or at least that's where Naru's deduction has led her. So now Keitaro has to start making some decisions, and what better way to make a decision between two absolutely beautiful, dynamic women than to go on a date with both of them, at the same time.

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