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Best Student Council DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

After her mother's death, Rino has no one to turn to, but with the help of a mysterious pen pal she has never met, she transfers to the very selective Miyagami Private Academy. Along with her hand-puppet Pucchan, who seems to have a mind of his own, Rino arrives on the steps of this prestigious institution to discover a gifted group of individuals who are willing to serve and protect the school and its students at all costs: the "maximum authority-wielding" Best Student Council.

Par student council, part special covert operations society and totally staffed by the best, the brightest, and the wackiest the academy has to offer, the Best Student Council stands ready to tackle any challenge no matter how large or how small. But no one but the secretive president of the council seems to realize just how much of a change Rino's (and Pucchan's) arrival heralds for Miyagami.

Contains all 26 episodes!

Special Features: Character Profiles, Pilot Episode, Japanese Promo Videos, Clean Opening and Closing Animation.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Anime Today #77 - What's Hot Pick

  • Format - Hybrid

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