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Zone of the Enders DVD Collection (Hyb) (Thinpak)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Sep 5 2007
Rating: "Okay."
Okay, well kind of !!
The first DVD tells us an earlier story which will play into the rest of the story toward the end, Unfortunately we have to sit thru a story that is so over dramatized which is just torture to watch.

But DVD’s 2 thru 6 are a lot more normal as far as storyline goes. The animation is pretty good.

OK back to the storyline now. It starts out good with a father who is basically a long hauling tucker in outer space who is feeling guilty for not spending the time he should have with his kids, he even gets a book on how to be a better father. So this is an action adventure with a touch of humor – so far so good. He picks up a cargo to haul from a questionable guy and this is when his troubles begin as both Earth and Mars wants him in jail because of this cargo - also OK.

But as the storyline moves along it becomes rather predictable and just worn out, it starts to get a little to ” goodie goodie” feeling for me. At this point on the only audience that would enjoy this is the 12 yrs old and younger if you know what I mean.

I would like to advise you pick this up and try it but I just can’t. But the last two people who reviewed this said it was WONDERFUL so who am I in the world of reviewing Anime??? Take your chances, you may like it and if you do PLEASE write a review.

Rob J - Jun 26 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
Another mobile suit story...
I originally picked up this title because I was a fan of the Zone of Enders video game on PS2. Boy was I surprised when I learned this series has pretty much NOTHING to do with the game! While there are mentions of the events in the video game, beyond that there are no real connections.

On it's own, Z.O.E. doesn't really have too much to offer. It's another typical piloted robot story. The only original point it has is this was the first series I've seen where teenagers aren't expected to determine the fate of the world. Besides that, though, there's nothing really NEW here.

But if you're a fan of the whole one-man-against-the-universe kind of stories, then you'll probably enjoy this title.

Patrick R. Murphy - Mar 1 2009
Rating: "Okay."
Its ok
The series in the beginning is good, until they introduce the big bad final enemy. At this point they try to cram the whole "save the universe" story into 8 episodes, which leads to nothing more than a weak plot that deserves better. Not worth the price, just get a Gundam series instead.

B W. Boddy - Apr 24 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
A Mecha Story that HAS is story
Well I for one liked the fact that "FOR ME" This was robot action built around a story, one that had a begining,middle,and end. INSTEAD of the other way around.

Most if not all of the Mecha type anime I've seen was just that it had a story or some plot more or less. (( and most of them had the same plot,more or less))built around the Mech action. I did read the above reviews before getting this series, in fact I held off getting it for sometime becuase of the reviews.

NOW after watching it, I'm SORRY that I waited.

Traypaniel Teagle II - Jul 20 2010
Rating: "Okay."
For fans of Z.O.E., not for fans of Gundam
The I.D.O.L.O. OVA and the Dolores, I tv series is a part of the Z.O.E universe and is in part an actual sequel to I.D.O.L.O because of certain characters that play major roles within it. If you are getting this collection because it is part of the Z.O.E universe then it’s a must buy to enjoy the full aspects of what you thought saw happen in I.D.O.L.O and the tv series. Now it does not go into anything about the 2nd Runner videogame, but it should be enough to whet your appetite and hope that Hideo Kojima continues making Z.O.E in the future. I.D.O.L.O. A nice back drop-piece to give you an idea of how the Martians and Earth-born humans interact with each and how each treated the other. I think the only gripe I had with I.D.O.L.O. was that it was too short for my tastes. Dolores, I The series started off like a slow like most series do, the characters at the beginning will definitely work on the grain of your nerve, but once things start really going it becomes a little more rewarding. I admit it’s been a while since I sat down and watched the anime series, but I think I will again here soon. Though note this isn’t like every other mecha show where there’s a solemn kid going around beating down everyone ;or some inexperienced kid that just happens to stumble upon a mech and becomes hellagood at piloting; or even an abundance of mech fights. It does have action, but at heart it’s a story that deals with family issues in a interesting setting where the family is Earth-Martian and in world that is at odds for just that reason. But heck, give it a shot if you want, rent before you do buy if you can so you won’t be mislead by reviewers here. Gotta see it for yourself to see if you want it or not.

FYI: I.D.O.L.O takes place before Zone of Enders, and the first 12 episodes take place before the game while the episodes preceding 12 take place after the game.