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Digimon Digital Monsters Vol. 4 (eps 10-12) (D)

Catch the coolest kids and craziest creatures in the whole wide digital world with Digimon! Join Tai, Sora, Matt, T.K., Izzy, Mimi, Joe and Kari - The newest digidestined child- as they team up with a colorful assortment of 'monsters' to battle evil forces in this, the ultimate digital adventure!

Wizardmon's Gift
The kids are back on Earth with their families when Myotismon attacks, Wizardmon and Kari, the eigth digidestined child, and her Digimon Gatumon, join the fight, but Myotismon is too powerful. The Digimon divert their power to Angewomon - but will it be enough?

Myotismon rises again and a strange prophecy predicts the end of the Digimon and the kids. But not if Agumon and Gabumon have any say. They warpdigivolve into War Greymon and Metal-Garurumon, but Myotismon has a bigger surprise in store.

The Battle For Earth
Venom Myotismon is undefeatable until the Digimon combine their attacks and strike the final blow. Then an unsettling presence darkens the sky. It's Digiworld on a collision course with Earth! Can the kids and their Digimon put the brakes on in time?

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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