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Parasite Dolls

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Parasite Dolls DVD (Hyb)

In a near-future world where the dividing line between the people and the plastic is becoming increasingly blurred, it's the job of the Branch to keep the streets of Genom City safe from the dangers of a technology that no one yet knows the limits of... if it even has any. Between the evolving sentience of an entirely new manufactured species, the chaos that inevitably ensues when backyard cyber-hackers attempt to do their own field mods and the willingness of powerful hi-tech corporations to cut a few corners, the men and women of the Branch have already got their work cut out for them.

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Parasite Dolls/AD Police DVD (Hyb) Double Pack

Contains both Parasite Dolls and AD Police! In a world where perfect androids called Boomers have infiltrated every aspect of society, it's the job of Branch to maintain peace between the people and the plastic. Unfortunately, not all boomers are created perfect, and when boomers go bad, people die... The thin blue line that separates man from machine is about to meet its most horrifying test in Parasite Dolls.

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