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Public Enemy/No Blood, No Tears/Guns & Talks Triple Pack DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

This triple pack contains Public Enemy; No Blood, No Tears; and Guns and Talks!

Public Enemy
The essence of the police, public servant, maintaining public peace, striving for the safety of citizens, has nothing to do with Detective Gang of Gangdong precinct. The meaning of being a public official, putting public interests over his own, has been completely lost on him. Gang uses his job as an opportunity to generate side income and settle personal matters.

No Blood, No Tears
Gyungsun is a washed out taxi-driver dragged down by the gambling debts of her deadbeat husband. When her taxi is wrecked by gangster moll Sujin, the two women conspire to get out of their dead-end rackets once and for all. Sujin's notorious boyfriend, however, has double-crossing plans of his own!

Guns and Talks
There's only one rule in business: don't get personal. So when four freelance killers let the ladies get in the way of their bread and butter, the bottom line becomes deadly. Their clients grow impatient, the D.A. starts questioning their business practices and the local crime boss begins showing a little too much interest in the boys' services. Forced to choose between their bloody day job and the pleasures of the night, these young assassins choose... both!

Spoken Languages: English, Korean, English Subtitles.

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