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Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl DVD Box Set 1 (S) (eps 1-40)

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Reviews of this title:

Ashley N. McCoy - May 29 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
An Awesome sports anime!!!!!
This so far is a great series!!!!! If you like sports you must check this series out it also has a lot for comedy and romance as well. I can not wait untill they release the rest of the series.

Geoff Hudson - Nov 29 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Showing its age but entertaining
This is worth watching. It sort of has to be compared to Ranma ½ for several reasons: the characters are based at a dojo and school; it’s martial arts; the two shows aired at the same time on opposing channels in Japan - Yawara out-ranked Ranma consistently. Art-wise they are similar: there is no ‘chibi’ or ‘super deformed’ style in either show, but there are slapstick moments. However there are dissimilarities: Yawara is Real people doing what Real people are capable of doing (Excepting possibly Sayaka who ‘God cursed with so many talents’) whereas Ranma does the incredible. Yawara has a greater sense of maturity about it – the grandfather is the only ‘slap-stick’ character, the others all act their age. In Ranma, Akane and her sisters are the only grounded people. Animego have put together a very good package here (40 of 124 episodes) with notes in the discs repeated in the booklet which also explains a lot about judo. Note: it starts of with a bit of fan service but that dies out after the first 6 eps or so. It’s never done gratuitously i.e. you see panties when you would expect to, you just wouldn’t ordinarily see a girl in a skirt throwing a foe over her shoulder! One could say it was a ploy to hook boys into watching the show. Lots of fun to watch.

Stuart Friedberg - Dec 21 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Enjoyable sports show
As a previous reviewer stated, the only real kooky character in this show is Yawara's grandfather, who is even more ambitious than Genma (of Ranma) is lazy. Most of the non-judo action involves Gramps trying to micro-manage Yawara's life (specifically aiming for an Olympic gold) while Yawara tries to live as normally as she can under the circumstances.

While not nutcases (with the possible exception of Sayaka, who does have skills to go with the ojou-sama attitude), Yawara's key challengers are a diverse international lot. Even as a high-schooler, world-class talent is testing itself against Yawara, not just the team at the neighboring high school. The characterization of the challengers is a bit one-dimensional in some cases, but they are an interesting lot.

This collection of 40 episodes ends just as Yawara is going off to college. While the odds are slim, I keep hoping for a North American release of the rest of this show, as this collection is only about the 1st third!