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Cowboy Bebop Graphic Novel 1

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Punk Anarchist - Oct 23 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Too bad these stories didn't appear in the anime
I'm sure everyone knows that the Cowboy bebop manga trilogy was never animated,as they were side stories of the crew of the Bebop. But still, the manga is very good, and we see Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed going on adventures that they never go on in the anime. From catching a guy who puts up a fake bounty, to getting bothered by a news reporter who thinks the lives of bounty hunters are glamorous, to helping an old guy who resembles Spike's old boss, Mao Yenrai, this is all one thing leading to another. Vicious is never mentioned, we meet a lady who was Faye's best friend, (so at one time, Faye wasn't alone) and we find out that Ed made a computer virus before going to Mars and much more! The artwork is very good too, the characters look the way they should be. This is one of the best manga, and at one time, both the anime and manga were at the top of the charts.