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Gunslinger Girl DVD Box Set (Hyb) - Viridian Collection

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Jan 15 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
Nice to see something different - Pretty Darn Good!
It's just nice to see something different instead of a rehashed story as we keep seeing in Anime these days. If you read RightStuf's description of this it sounds like it's just about one girl but it isn't. There is a small group of these girls and all different ages. Their minds have been reconditioned and they are trying to learn to fit in and be accepted by their handler (who is the only parent type figure they have and want their approval). The girls live in a school type dorm together so there is alot more going on other than these kids going around and shooting up the bad guys. At times these kids make up an assassin squad and will work together in carrying out their missions which adds more pressure to the kids because they don't want to mess up in front of the other kids. I rate this a must see since many things on different levels are going on e.g. Kids level, Adult level, Parent level, National security level.

Kayla F. Rose - Jun 15 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
The Delgados and other notes
Gunslinger Girl isn't your usual anime scenario, and that's wonderful. The art, the music, (did I mention the Delgados perform to opening song?) even the voices are very well done.

Henrietta and the girls all have their own short stories to tell, all wrapping up in a nice little conclusion that will leave you thinking. Their desire to be accepted by their "handlers" is a sweet dedication that doesn't borderline inappropriate behavior (like some anime titles like to throw in. Devotion = master//servant fan service....)

It's got its bloodshed, and it has its teddy bears. A must see.

Nejdet O. Arikoglu - May 31 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
A must see for all anime fans
i have the complete collection box set. so far i watched the first season therefore i thought it would only be fair to talk about what i have seen so far rather than speculate on the season i have not watched yet.

this anime is really well done. eventhough the description makes us believe the plot revolves around one little girl it doesn't. there are other girls and they all get an almost equal share of the series. the artwork and music work perfectly together. the overall quality of the animation is really high. especially the action scenes are graphic and detailed. there is a lot of drama in the series as well so if you are expecting a neckbreak pace through out you would be dissappointed. however the plot is exceptionally layered including politics, cybernetics, adolescence and devotion. the setting for the story is italy which in my opinion was an exceptionally great idea. the political arena in italy has never been stable eventhough it seems non problematic to the outside world. the country still has a major communist party in play as well as massive mafia influence and readily militarized young generation that possess a maliable mindset for almost any ideal. the mixture creates a lot of material for the series.

finally, i think the series is very difficult to compare to any other anime. that is why if you are looking for something original with depth and quality i don't think you can go wrong with this series.