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Ultimate Muscle Graphic Novel 10

When Kid Muscle made a quick trip across the galaxy to visit the folks back home, he expected to take some heat about his not-so-heroic shenanigans on Earth. But he didn't expect the government of Planet Muscle - including his dear old dad - to put him through his paces by enrolling him in a tournament to the death!

Now the Kid is taking on No Respect, a gang of reprobates who are all tickled pink by the opportunity to send him into traction. Ironic, since Kid Muscle's the one who gets no respect. Not from Forkolossus, the halfman, half-forklift currently squaring off against him in the ring. Not from planet-hopping wrestling legend Ninja Ned, who pops in to find out what the Sam Hill is going on down on Planet Muscle and ain't pleased to find a bloodbath in progress. And certainly not from Checkmate, the evil wrestler Kid Muscle defeated seven whole volumes ago, who materializes on Planet Muscle, mid-match, for reasons unknown...

Story and art by Yudetamago.


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