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Case Closed Season 1 DVD Box Set (Hyb) - Viridian Collection

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Reviews of this title:

Michael M - Mar 23 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
A Little Encylopedia Brown, a little James Bond and all fun.
Animation quality: Good. The show is all hand-drawn anime and this first season is from the late 90's. While not up to par of say Ghost in the Shell SAC or My-HIME both the characters and backgrounds are rendered well. I should say if this was the last 2 or 3 seasons the animation quality if flat out excellent (as are the last 3 or 4 movies)

Audio quality: Very Good. Both the Japanese and English dub are done well. And the OP and EP throughout the various seasons are very well done.

Story: definitely murder mysteries with a twist. The main character is a teenager with a knack for solving crimes. However due to a twist of fate he finds himself shrunk back to a 10 year old body. A family friend Professor Agasa knows his secret and makes several gadgets that enable Kudo to maintain his lifestyle solving mysteries albeit now through the bumbling efforts of his girlfriend's father, Detective Mouri. That plus the romance between Ran (Rachel in the English dub) and Shinichi (Jimmy) adds a nice touch. It's now a bit tragic but the show throws in a bit of humor now and then before it gets too dark.

Another twist I like in these mysteries you get all the clues that Shinichi you can try to solve the mystery before he does. And taking place in modern-day Japan you some insight into some Japanese culture.

It's hard to do this series justice in one short review. Let's just say that any series that is over 500 (570+) episodes as of this review, 13 movies, several live action films and has stamps and statues of various characters is definitely worth checking out. This show is in my personal top 5 and I have hundreds of anime and I am very very picky.

I hope they will license more for Region 1. As is it is, these bundles are a super bargain.

cameron c. rogers - Mar 24 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Best series ever. Its been great.
Funimation, i support you, your DVD releases of the dub and movies. I own them all. Please continue and do season 6!