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Gunhed DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

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Reviews of this title:

Michael M - Feb 12 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
After 20 years still pretty darn good.
For a typical sci-fi romp the production quality was a bit higher than average. The acting (which is mixed English/Japanese) was decent as were the effects. Though it did suffer from the..."god that's obviously a model" syndrome here and there.

From the cover you would think it is all about mecha. Actually while there is a mecha character...well the A.I. for it, this movie is about the human team and for one part the human-A.I. team.

Not sure if they remastered it for DVD. Visually it was good for the era and even compared to most live-action from the 90's.

Worth picking up, especially at bargain rates.