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Manhwa Novella Collection 2: 9 Faces of Love

This is the second volume of Netcomics' Manhwa Novella Collections - an anthology of the most prominent Korean authors and their works. Volume 2 of this series contains nine of the most popular shorter works by Wann, the author of Can't Lose You.

Wann's colorful short takes on love depict the most vexing of human emotions in all its guises:

...From an evil wizard's tormented longing in medieval times to a modern-day Yalie Casanova's voyeuristic frenzy.

...From a tragedy that unfolds against a futuristic sci-fi backdrop to a witch's cursed love in the early Protestant era.

...From an unrequited passion that inspires thoughts of a suicidal plunge to the sudden discovery of love where it's least expected: in a friend.

These are the faces of love:
Return of Princess Rouana
Believe Ye Your Eyes?
A Short Game About a Chance Meeting
Purple Eyes
A Flying Lesson
Mint Flavor
A Cold


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