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Gantz DVD 1 (Hyb): Game of Death

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Reviews of this title:

Chris M. Kotsovos - Jan 21 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
The Most Important Action Anime In 10 years.
When I first heard name Gantz, I thought what strange bizzare word. Then I looked into the general premise that is the story of Gantz. Which is dead souls are traped in this weird limbo, the only way to leave is to kill and stop an alien invasion. There fate is controlled by a large black sphere called Gantz. To some this would sound like cheap plot, to every other anime that you probally heard of. But it wasn't, I then found out that GONZO animation, a company thats known for turning every great manga into an amazing piece animation. Had made the Gantz TV series and the series it self was to over the top for JapaneseT.V. and it had to be editited for Telivision. So that tells you already that this going to be an intresting thing to see. So I get an import copy and I'm imedately blown away. -First off, this is absolutly not for children, I have never seen such graphic and over the top mayhem. This series is clearly aimed for a much older audience. -Second, if your a fan a action films, then this glorious treat for you. With the blood soaked griddy nature that closly resembles a Sam Pechkinpah movie. This series does not skimp on good old long lost feeling, of the that familar stranger that is action. -Finally, besides the shock and the aww of it all. There is a really good story, at the core of the series that will only continue to grow. My finale opinion, no other series has even come close to the origionality of this series. Maybe 3x3 eyes, but as of right now, I promise that this one series that even the most jaded of anime fans will acknowledge the glory and aww that is Gantz.

Abraham Chinchilla - Apr 24 2005
Rating: Pretty good!
Bloody Good Show
Despite the episode count and planned number of discs (13). I'm still getting this show regardless.

After hearing about what kind of content this show included, I grew interested in the show and finally picked up the first volume and box. Boy, I'm glad I did. After two episodes, this is a pretty damn enjoyable show. Unfortunately, the disc ends pretty quickly with only two episodes (strange, two episodes for other shows seem so long). I'll keep buying this release as long as the content continues to amuse me.