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Bad Book, The

Who wants to hang out with The Bad Guy, The Liar, and The Thief? Aranzi Aranzo does! Take the notorious cuteness of Japanese crafts to the next level with The Bad Book, full of mischief and fun (but mostly mischief). The Bad Book is full of comics vignettes that give life to The Bad Guy and his best friend The Liar, who will teach you it's not always a bad thing to be the bad guy. You'll see.

Retail Price: $12.95
Your Price: $7.79
Black Butler Keychain: Pentagram Metal

Retail Price: $6.99
Your Price: $4.83
Dragon Ball Season 5 Uncut DVD Set (Hyb)

In the aftermath of his epic battle with Piccolo, Goku embarks on an electrifying quest to rescue his fallen friends from the realm of the dead. His perilous journey will take him to the heights of Korin Tower - and beyond - as he searches for Kami, a mystical being with the power to resurrect Shenron and restore the magic of the seven Dragon Balls!

Retail Price: $34.98
Your Price: $21.15
Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy DVD (S)

Based on the original story by Leiji Matsumoto, this new film picks up one year after the events of Adieu, Galaxy Express 999. A young boy named Tetsuro and his motherly companion Maetel worked to rid the universe of the Mechanized Empire who had overtaken Earth. Now Tetsuro is back home on Earth, and constantly beaten by new tyrants who took over after the machines were destroyed. Right before he is executed, Maetel and the 999 zoom in and whisk him away for an all-new adventure.

Retail Price: $19.95
Your Price: $12.61
Red Shadow DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

In feudal Japan, Red Shadow, Blue Shadow and Aska are novice ninjas under the instruction of the great warrior White Shadow. Their life is a series of deadly missions spiked with intrigue, deception, and samurai slaughter! Will they survive an obstacle course of intricate death traps against highly skilled opponents and overcome their own weaknesses?

Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price: $17.89
Spice and Wolf Fabric Poster: Holo in Cart with Apples (31 x 43 in)

Retail Price: $16.99
Your Price: $11.06

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