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Prince of Tennis

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Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 1

Ryoma Echizen just joined the Seishun Gakuen Middle School tennis team, which is known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. Ryoma has proven his skills by winning four straight American junior tournament titles. With his skills, Ryoma challenges a rule of Seishun Gakuen that freshmen don't represent the team to play in tournaments until summer.

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 10

In preparation for the City Tournament, Seishun Academy's team captain Kunimitsu Tezuka decides to hold intra-squad games. Ryoma is pitted against Shusuke, and Ryoma wastes no time in putting on the pressure against his teammate. But with his tenacious strategy known as Higuma Otoshi, Shusuke’s got a few tricks of his own...

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 11

As the Seishun Academy intra-squad games get underway, the match between Momo and Kunimitsu ignites. Kunimitsu decides to take the game seriously after Momo scores the first point. Later on, the semifinal match between Fudomine and Yamabuki at the City Tournament is sidelined when word reaches Kippei that his teammates were involved in a car accident.

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 12

The next round of games are underway, and Seishun's Takeshi Momoshiro encounters Kiyosumi in the No. 3 Singles. Takeshi's in for a hard day's work, as Kiyosumi proves to be an intimidating opponent from the moment he launches his "Kohou," which is a type of serve.

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 13

Seishun Academy is in the finals of the District Preliminaries, and the only player standing in their way is mean, violent, and ill-tempered Jin Akutsu of Yamabuki Junior High! Ryoma desperately needs to tough up mentally, as Jun has figured out a way to punish him with his powerful shots. Meanwhile, Seishun hold more intra-squad games, and this time someone loses his spot on the starting team...!

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 14

As more intra-squad games are played to determine the starting line-up, fellow Seishun Academy players Kunimitsu Tezuka and Sadaharu Inui duke it out for a slot. But the disparity in their skills becomes evident when everyone realizes that Kunimitsu has not budged since he delivered his serve.

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 15

At the Kanto Tournament, the brillant play of Hyotei Academy's Gakuto and Yushi's drives Seishun's Momo and Eiji to assume the Australian formation, a technique they masterfully pulled off in a previous match.

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 16

Takashi "Taka" Momoshiro battles the mysterious Kabaji of Hyotei Academy. Taka unleashes a brutal two-handed "Hadokyu" (wave surge shot), which Kabaji dishes right back. Unbeknownst to Taka, Kabaji's special talent is his ability to mimic shots with accuracy and ease.

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 17

It's Seishun's laid-back master versus Yamabuki's crazy ace! Shusuke and Jin's match continues, and it looks like it won't be the easy win Seishun expected. Jin uses his skills as a loose cannon to volley unpredictable shots, bringing the game to a nail-biting tie. Jin's aggressive play dominates the court until Shusuke unleashes the third of his triple counter shots. But will the Haku Gei (White Whale) be enough to save the day?

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 18

Seishun's chance at the Nationals all comes down to Kunimitsu. Will he have to forfeit to save his injured arm, or will he play to the end - and end his career?!

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 19

Captain Kunimitsu is out! Now, without him, Seishun's up against a team coached by a four-time Japan Open winner. It's time for serious pressure, on and off the court!

Prince of Tennis Graphic Novel 2

Ryoma Echizen, the Prince of Tennis, has just enrolled at Seishun Academy after spending several years in America winning 4 consecutive U.S. Junior Tournaments. His cool confidence raises the hackles of a few older students on the tennis team, and they challenge him to a game - but none of them even comes close to his skill and knowledge.

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