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Eiken Graphic Novel 5

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Reviews of this title:

Ryan A. Clark - Aug 2 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent manga
Vol. 5 is as good as the rest, and introduces a new character, Miharu Shinonome, who I quite like. With the appearance of Miharu, Densuke begins to get in a love triangle of sorts, leading to some of the stereotypical scenarios where a character is trying to manage two dates at once, but don't let either girl know. But it's still entertaining.

Jack Sprat - Nov 8 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Another good volume
As Ryan said, this is a very good installment to the series overall. There were several chapters that I thought were exceptionally good (the one with Lin in the cave, the Miharu chapter, the new Kirika chapter, and "Chiharu's Valley"), and most of the rest were pretty standard "Eiken" fare. It also brings the Densuke-Chiharu romance back into focus after a long hiatus.

This volume really demonstrates how balanced this series is. "Eiken" never focuses on any one character for long, giving you a fair amount of story variety. On a related note, Miharu is the bomb! She's one of the few characters in this series that is both mentally AND physically normal (as in "not mentally warped and/or unbelievably well-endowed"), and very cute to boot. The author said in a note that she would "just be in that one story", but I hope he changed his mind. Since I've seen her picture in connection with this series pretty often, I think he must have.

All-in-all, Vol. 5 is definitely worth picking up. Go buy it. Now. Yes, that means you.