Hell Girl DVD 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Leon B. Meekis - Oct 21 2007 theoath20@yahoo.ca
Rating: Wonderful!
Sending your enemies to HELL has never been don in a Anime before
I really like this series pretty creepy kept me all night because lol I sorta had nightmares and the bgm(Jigoku Shoujo OST) is really awsome and very haunting and beautiful, its the gamw who composing Naruto Shippuuden forgot whats his name , well this is an awsome series i reconmend that u buy, or least rent it just to see it.

Max P. Sterling - Nov 16 2007 snook0706@msn.com
Rating: Not all that good.
This one is creepy. but then again i should have know with a name like Hell Girl.

Its kind of depressing in a way. But if you like seeing people get sent to hell for stupid ^&%(* this one is for you. but even then i warn you this one will put you to sleep.

i think i would have liked it better if every case was a little differant. it seems like everyone of them is just a copy of the first one with differant characters. Boring. I had some hope that this one would be some what good but it like watching golf on T.V. oh look look. i think i can see the ball in the are moving between the clouds... Pfft. so i would have to say the animation was 10. dubbing was 8. music... CREEPY. fun factor... 0. but thats just me.

Otaku Review - Jun 20 2008 otakureview@gmail.com
Rating: Wonderful!
Another Great Anime Horror
I didn’t know what to expect from this series when I started but within five episodes I’m sold. While normally a volume that is presented in this way would get a lower score from me, the visually stunning characters and mentally disturbing story makes me want to see more until I know the secrets that Ai is keeping about herself and the crew that she surrounds herself with. If you’re looking for the next great horror anime, this might possibly be it.

Ogie Doggie - Feb 14 2010 ogiedoggie@aol.com
Rating: Pretty good!
This is what Boogiepop Phantom should have been
Hell Girl is what Boggiepop Phantom should have been!

Boogiepop Phantom was a very dis-jointed story line and hard to follow (although I hold the director in high regard for his other animes) but Hell Girl is pretty straight forward with at least 15 short stories dealing with people wanting revenge on other people. I think that they could have put more variety in some of the stories if they worked on it, but overall you get a mixed bag of story lines which point out the old saying "be careful of what you wish for - it might come true".

I rate this as worth seeing although you might not want to keep it in your Anime Collection (if you know what I mean).
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