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Dead Leaves DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Carl Julien - Sep 28 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
WOW weird -- is this really anime.
With designs looking like a combination between Ralph Bakshi cool world, liquid televison, and the comic book incarnation of Tank Girl, this is one strange ride. But with studios like Gainex and Production I.G. involved how can it not be good. Only problem it is waaaay too short, I would love for this to be made into a TV series, I think it might be a little to viloent and sexy though to be seen except at maybe 1 in the morning.

Tanya Weaver - Jan 9 2005
Rating: Pretty good!
Finally, a great cast of English/American voice-actors that did good. The When you first thought Doggy Poo and Excel Saga were zainy ... comes in Dead Leaves. Lets just say Dead Leaves is a marvelous disaster and a catastrophic success, a pointless and immature journey, but still were loving every stupid bit.

The animation has both, Japanese and American styles. It carves out its own new path w/ its comic book style. And somehow it manages to be sexy, yet crazt with its style and bright colors.

English audio track actually did quite better than the Japanese cast. Though I would like to congradulate both casts. This English cast consists of ... Jaxon Lee, Amanda Winn Lee, Kerry Anderson, Chad Fifer, Jason Miller, Keith Burgess, and Douglas Rye. Pretty good, huh? Okay, some of you may not know these peeps.

Overall, this is worth its underdog story, yet has great action. If for now, your looking for a good time and not a deep involving story, check this out...its worht a rent. It has great extras icluding a Director's Commentary, Club Asia, Film Premiere Q&A, Truth or Doubt, Film Festival, Interview, Recording Session, and Trailers.

English Dub: B+ Story : D+ Animation : A Art : A Music: DVD Extras: A

Verdict: B-