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Evangelion, Neon Genesis DVD 3 (Hyb)

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Lex Cardentey - Dec 19 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
We need an explanation...
I purchased the first and second EVA DVDs, and I am really satisfied with them, in spite of the fact that I got 4 episodes per DVD and not 5 episodes, as I got with my Gundam Wing dvds, which by the way, were more inexpensive than the EVA ones. Now, the people from ADV decided to reduce the number of episodes per dvd (3)while keeping the same price is simply disappointing. I was planning to buy all of them, but not anymore, especulation has to have limits. In my opinion they have two choices to correct this unfortunate decision: a) Keep 4 episodes per DVD. b) Reduce the price tag. Hopefully, they will correct this issue.