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Very Private Lesson DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Jamie Stafford - Sep 23 2001 FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM
Rating: Wonderful!
Hilarious and NON-HENTAI School-based Anime Comedy :-)
Very Private Lesson is one of the funniest anime I have seen a long time :-) Oraku, a teacher at a Tokyo school with a very poor reputation (due to a student population full of misfits and criminals), is returning from a "date" with another teacher from his school when they encounter Aya, a beautiful young schoolgirl sitting alone at night. Aya comes on to him, and finds herself so intrigued by Oraku that the following morning, she transferrs to his school. Unwittingly, Oraku becomes her guardian, only learning later that she is the daughter of a well-known mobster. Now Oraku must defend Aya from the schemes of the many misfit schoolstudents, even as he tries to pursue his quasi-relationship with another teacher.

The Very Private Lesson DVD includes Parts I and II. Part I is more humorous than Part II, but both are very good overall. While the DVD cover image is suggestive of a hentai title, Very Private Lesson is NOT hentai; it could certainly be shown on American broadcast television, but would carry a TV M rating and a "parental discretion" notice beforehand (in fact, the original seasons of NYPD Blue are more provocative than Very Private Lesson).

My only "complaint" is that the Scene Access portion of the DVD is not very well organized. The series is divided into eighteen chapters, but chapter navigation can be a bit confusing. Fortunately, this is a PS2-compatible DVD, which may be an important factor for those thinking of acquiring this DVD.