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Persona 4 Blu-ray Collection 1 (D)

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Reviews of this title:

Colin Dolmat - Aug 31 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Persona 4 fans will not be disappointed!
I just got the Blu-ray of Persona 4: The Animation today which is a few weeks before it's supposed to be released, but since I pre-ordered it back in July I guess Rightstuf decided to ship it to me as soon as it got in stock.

But enough about how I got it, lets get on with the review! This release only contains the English audio and not any of the Japanese track, but that's a problem with the Japanese licensers not Sentai Filmworks. If Sentai was allowed, they would have kept the Japanese track in. As far as the English voice cast goes, just like the video game, it is amazingly good and most of the voice actors, even the side characters, reprised their roles. The only differences are the voices of Chie Satonaka, who is now played by Erin Fitzgerald instead of Tracey Rooney, and Teddie, who is now played by Sam Riegel instead of Dave Wittenberg.

However, Teddie fans will not be disappointed because Sam Riegel does an amazing Teddie in the same style as Dave Wittenberg, at times I even forgot that Teddie was even recast because it was so similar to the Dave Wittenberg performance. And yes, the un-bearable puns are still there.

Chie(Fitzgerald) sounds quite different from Chie(Rooney), but the voice still sounds right for the character and Chie is still Chie. The folks that complained that Chie sounded too old in the game will be glad that Chie sounds more like a high school girl.

The story is great, the cast is great, and even people who didn't play the game can get into it. A must-have for anime and Persona fans.

Craig Noyes - Oct 22 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent adapation from video game to anime!
For those who have played Persona 4 already know the premise of the story, but for those who don't, a small group of high school students covertly take on the task of solving a series of grisly murders taking place in the small quiet town of Inaba. The group find themselves intertwined with the investigation taking place in the real world and the shadowy confrontations in a supernatural world inside the TV.

Fans of the game will be happy to hear that the anime is a near carbon-copy of the video game, but with a few exceptions. Almost all the English voice actors return for these roles, except for Chie and Teddy, but the performances are so well done that you will hardly notice. The personality dynamics between the main characters is very well preserved and despite the serious tone of the story, the lighter moments remind you of how much fun it is to hang out with these kids.

The original soundtrack was kept for much of the show, and the scene locations and ancillary characters are faithfully reproduced. Even a brief scene during a school assembly show the teacher with the hand puppet, and the one who wears the Egyptian headdress on stage.

A couple of the elements that don't quite translate from the video game as well are, one, the fight scenes in the TV world which seem a little awkward and empty, but do make for a few good action scenes. Second, the "social-bond" subplots, which due to episode time constraints are often wrapped up quickly and don't get the same feeling of growth and character depth as you would experience in the game.

Overall this anime is very well done and should not be missed by any fans of the game. Even folks who are not familiar with the game will be treated to an excellent story and wonderful characters.