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Speed Grapher DVD 1 (Hyb) Limited Edition

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Seth Longland - Jul 19 2006
Rating: Pretty good!
Gonzo strikes a chord not unlike Gantz...
Having already created a "shocking" series with Gantz, Gonzo seems ready to knock out another one here. From depraved sex fetishes to wanton violence, this series has it all. It's difficult to imagine this show being aired at all as it seems to straddle between being adult material and just being "edgy".

The show isn't bad, though. It develops well and has an interesting premise (albeit one that I think the creator's took WAY too seriously). Getting into a mood for this kind of show is very necessary. It's extremely possible to either burst out laughing at the absurdity or just groove with it, so to speak. Still, the show has a pull due to its more hard-boiled, non-teenage lead and the fact that the environment feels so threatening. It's a very dark view of city life and the politicians and businessmen who are driving the world into depravity.

The animation, though, suffers a bit. There's not much detail in the characters and sometimes things just look wrong. Some movements just don't seem to flow and for a studio Gonzo show to look bad is a shame. Chrono Crusade, Samurai 7 and Last Exile were all gorgeous, but sadly this show doesn't come near the quality of the above. That's not to say the animation is as shoddy as Gantz (Gonzo's worst animation ever, perhaps?), it's just not too great.

So settle down with Speed Grapher. It's not the best thing to come along, but it will certainly be a fun watch to just kick back with. Or laugh hysterically at. Your choice.