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Clannad After Story DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

C Caron - Jan 23 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Big Dango Family's After Story
Clannad After Story starts off where Sentai Filmworks Clannad ends. Clannad is Sentai Filmworks best ever anime in my opinion, Made by Kyoto Animation just like Kanon and Air TV. I love most animes made by Kyoto Animation, if you like drama animes you would to.

Justin A. Hylton - Feb 16 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Thank goodness they put it in English
I'm so glad they are releasing the rest of the anime in english too plus the movie. This is my favortie anime of all time. I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Jeff R. Myers - May 5 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Clannad: After Story
Clannad: After Story is a great drama with tons of humorous segments as well. The characters are great and have very distinct personalities. The story is also very easy to follow too. I don't need to write much about the story, as it is completely unlike anything else. My only beef with this is that Sentai Filmworks really messed up the DVD. First, they messed up the episode, "The Season You Were In," and they put "Where" instead of "Were". They also put Kyou's Arc and "Under the Green Tree" in the wrong order, but labeled correctly. The editing was sloppily presented and rushed. And the DVD case, like the first season, is annoying! Why don't manufactures make art boxes or REAL DVD cases anymore? Other than that, this is a great anime. I recommend this.


Anon Y. Mous - May 15 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the best shows ever made
After Story flows directly from the first series, so it isn't like a spinoff or anything.. it's a direct continuation. You don't have to watch the first series to understand the plot of this series, but you will be doing yourself a great favor by doing so.

The show itself is spectacular. I can't say this about many other things that I've seen (anime or otherwise) since it's rather hard to get me to show any grand gesture of emotion watching or reading something... but I came really close to crying multiple times throughout After Story. Now I can't listen to the song Dango Daikazoku (ending from first series) without choking up.

The anime is so good that "Wonderful!" is hardly the word to describe it.

As for other aspects of the product, I'm a little less then impressed with that. Like someone said before me, the DVD menu has that spelling error and lists an episode out of order from the rest (or they play the episode out of order if you watch it in a marathon, I don't know the correct episode numberings to be certain). I think the acting is fine, but one thing I did notice is that the timing when people start speaking seems to be off a little. Lips will start moving for just under a second before words actually start coming out. Once you notice it, it really takes away from the show's otherwise excellent quality.

And finally, the casing... uggg. I hate these stack cases. You have to remove all the disks to get the one you want..

So, putting some of the dub and packaging flubs aside, this show is a masterpiece and you NEED to see it.

Blair W. Middleton - Sep 16 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
This series is absolutely amazing! It really sums up everything from the first season. And the ending is phenomenal. This is definitely worth a rewatch. As for the DVD case, the box art is good. When you open it up, all 4 disks are stacked up together. It was very difficult to open. Me and my brother struggled to figure it out. I had to press my thumb really hard on it to get the disks to pop out, but other than that, this is a great series and definitely worth buying

James Scott - Apr 23 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Incredible Anime!
I was initially turned off by this anime when I first watched it, but I decided to come back to it and try again. I have Aspergers Syndrome so I hardly ever cry, or express that kind of emotion, I also have a very hard time with empathy. But this anime made me force back tears. You need to watch this all the way through because towards the end you feel like you are gonna lose it. But when an anime can make you feel this way you just have to love it. One of the many reasons I love anime!

I have not bought any of the sets yet but from what I have heard they have used the Economy Box (When they stack the discs in envelopes on top of each other in a large case). I think Sentai has a habit of doing this sometimes with longer series. I have "Infinite Stratos"(13 eps + OST) by them in a standard multi-dvd casing with 3 slots including the flap, I also have "Maid Sama!"(26 eps and doesn't include the OVA which upsets me) by them in the same Economy Set. I personally hate these cases but there isn't much we can do except voice our complaints.

Bottom line, Incredible Anime not so incredible Box Set