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Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 DVD Collection (D)

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Reviews of this title:

mark colston - Mar 31 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
fresh and crisp anime
OMG i absolutely love the series. I never got to watch the whole series on nickolodeon, but theyve outdone themselves this time. This anime is for everyone. I recommend buying this one. I can't wait to buy the second book.

Natalya A. Nikonova - Oct 8 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Impossible to turn away from the screen
I've seen 2 first books of Avatar so far and the show proved to be absolutely amazing. With so many dull anime been produced recently, it is one that reminds what it means to cling to the screen waiting for another episode to start. Interesting characters who all keep growing on you, both "good" and "bad" guys. And who is a bad one there, anyway? Their feelings of friendship, love, hatred, pain are sincere and truthful so that lessons and morals you learn from them are really touching. The world is recognizable yet fun to explore. Adventures are far from being predictable and you never know where you will wake up with Avatar by your side.

Devon Murray - Dec 21 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
An epic adventure series full of wit and exceptional action sequences.
Okay…technically not anime by most definitions, but does it really matter when a series is this superb? There are a lot of great characters in this show, each with distinct personalities and histories. The action is very unique and memorable. The special ability system (Bending) is well thought out, cleverly applied and tied in to specific forms of martial arts. It is apparent that a great deal of thought went into this series. The result is a show where the different elements mesh together in ways that are clever and elegant. There’s plenty of humor in Avatar, but it is always secondary to the plot (which is great) and seems less forced than in most other American-produced animated shows. Even the character Sokka, who is the main comedic relief, is an integral part of the plot and has plenty of depth. They chose a good length for this series. It doesn’t drag on forever with sub-standard filler episodes until the impact of the main storyline is lost (cough…Naruto…cough), not does it try to shoehorn everything into a dozen episodes at the expense of depth. Sixty-one episodes and not one of them is a filler episode. Many shonen anime nowadays should aspire to this level of quality. Although this series is safe to show to younger children, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you brush it off as being just a kiddie show. It is a magnificent piece of work and deserved the accolades it received.

Andreas Eliasson - Jul 6 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Best show ever, but...
Be wary of that the DVDs is in NTSC and can't be shown on all players in Europe :(