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KimiKiss: Pure Rouge DVD Complete Collection (S)

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John A. Callahan - Jan 26 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Plenty of heartache!
This anime was a real surprise for a dating-sim based story. Absolutely not a typical high school booby-comedy, there isn't even a hot springs bathing scene - imagine that! This is a romance adaptation that is played completely straight and more than a little melancholy. I was surprised that there was no sexual content at all. Everyone is a somewhat naive high schooler, experiencing love for the first time and with the intensity of the very young (ah, for those days)!

The girls are all lovely and well-conceived, with unique and interesting personalities. For once, the guys are not complete idiots or "afraid" of girls, but are shown as interested in love (not ridiculously running away) and quite as emotionally vulnerable as the girls, if not more so.

This is a complex story and I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say that an appropriate subtitle would be "torn between two lovers". Everyone is trying to sort out their feelings and it isn't an easy road. The story does not end "neatly" with everyone paired off and perfectly happy. Hearts are broken, tears are shed - and not just by the characters, The struggle to find love is shown as difficult and confusing and not always happy. That feeling of reality is what sets this romance anime apart. After you know everyone's heart, you want it to end sweetly for all of them, but you know it ain't gonna happen.

I love this anime. If you like realistic romances, then this is a series for you.

As for the box set, it is one of those single-spindle contraptions that are a total PITA. There are also very limited extras and all on the 1st disk, except the OVA at the end. However, they did include a clean version of the sad and beautiful second season end song "Wasurenaide" by Suara. My advice is to stop and reflect after the last regular episode, because the OVA is a lighthearted stand-alone story that is a different mood than the end of the regular series. Romance lovers, don't miss this anime!