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Motorway DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

An overconfident rookie in the Stealth Riders division (a secret police unit consisting of the best drivers on the force that takes down criminals in the drag-racing underworld) teams up with his veteran partner to take on a legendary escape driver who has never been caught. As they put together a strategic plan to take this criminal down they put the pedal to the metal in a death-defying showdown with only their cars as their weapons.

Special Features: The Making of Motorway.

Spoken Languages: Cantonese, English, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.

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  • Publisher - LIONSGATE
  • Genre - Action
  • Media - DVD
  • Format - Hybrid
  • Age Rating - 13+ (More Information)
  • Live Action? - Yes
  • 89 Minutes
  • Release Date - Mar 12 2013
  • Product Availability - More Arriving Soon! (More Information)

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